November 01, 2011

Dinner Table Etiquette 2

The art of conversation!


  • The successful dinner party host should always encourage lively and varied conversation with honest opinions being expressed and shared. However, proper dinner party etiquette should encourage avoiding sensitive issues or subjects that some guests may find uncomfortable. As a considerate dinner host, if such a conversation is under way, discreetly interject and carefully change the subject. Or if that fails, interrupt by introducing the next course!

  • For both the dinner host and guest, excessive behaviour of any sort is to be avoided. That should include excessive drinking, excessive talking (being overbearing!), excessive joke telling (particularly bad ones!!) and even excessive eating! A healthy appetite is to be enjoyed, over indulgence however, is not an endearing feature!

  • Please remember that the true art of entertaining has one prime goal;that of pleasure! It should be enjoyed by host and guest alike. So at all costs, avoid being overly concerned about what is "right, and what is "wrong". Do what you feel is right...and if you do happen to make the odd gaff - as long as you carry it off with grace, honesty and humility, you will happily survive the day!

  • After all, it is only a dinner party!  
    Relax, and enjoy!


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