September 28, 2011

My Love Affair

I love to entertain, have people over for dinner parties or just for an afternoon tea and dessert.
What can I say? It's my love affair!


Entertaining, for the most part, costs money, requires time and calls for planning. It takes more effort than staying home alone and not inviting others over. But you might not have many friends that way. Bringing people together doesn't have to be a big, and complicated affair. I love hosting small dinner parties, but there are many other ways that you can entertain. Here are a few of my favourite ones;
  • Inviting people over for desserts and coffee (or tea)
  • Dinners
  • Potluck Dinners (every one brings a dish)
  • Celebrating someone's special occasion ( new job, a promotion, new home, ect. )
  • Game night ( playing board games, charades, pool, ect. )
  • Christmas Party
  • Birthday Parties
  • Showers (bridal, wedding, baby )
  • Barbeques in the backyard (or patio) or at the park .
There are plenty of reasons to stop and enjoy life, and enjoy friendship…and there are many ways to make it happen if only we are willing to do so.

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