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Whether you’re attending an evening soiree or a dinner party, you are likely to find yourself needing a hostess gift. It isn’t a requirement, but a gift for the hostess (or host) is a gesture of appreciation for someone who has invited you into their home. Your gift doesn't have to be large, pricey or showy one, but rather, it should come from the heart.

Following are a few ideas to help you with choosing a hostess gift.

1. How well do you know the hostess?
In order to choose the most appropriate gift, and you don’t know the hostess, try to learn a little bit about her (or him), if you can. If you are attending a party thrown by someone you are still getting to know, a gift that they can eat or drink is usually a safe bet. If the hostess is already a close friend, you would probably know her tastes, preferences, decor style and what her favourites are, which makes it easy to select a gift for her home that you know she will use and love.

2. Plan ahead and make sure the gift fits the occasion.
You most likely don’t want to show up with an ornate and elegant flower arrangement to a “chips and dips” game party. In the same time, you don’t want to skimp on a gift if someone has hosted a fancy party or allowed you to stay as an overnight house guest.

3. Think outside the bouquet.
Sure, fresh flowers are beautiful, but they can be a nuisance to a busy hostess. Finding a vase, clipping stems and creating an arrangement can ruffle even the most unflappable hostess when she's already occupied by greeting other guests, taking their coats, serving drinks and being busy in the kitchen. Consider a flower arrangement or a bouguet is a vase, a gift that is easy for the hostess to deal with.

4. Remember to ALWAYS  follow up with a "Thank You" note.
It should be done within a week of the event.  A quick note showing gratitude for your hosts’ efforts are always appreciated.


If you don’t want to show up empty-handed, here are some gift ideas to take along:
Glove and Apron Set. Price: $16 to $25 on
Gourmet Brie Baker Set.  Price from $16 to $23

Boxed Chocolates   Purdy’s Chocolates, from $15 and up.

Music CD for your music lover hostess

Desktop Notes for the organized hostess. Find it at Dollar stores, Dollarama, Home sense or other suppliers. Price $ 5 and up.

Home Diffusers from The Body Works   Price: $15

magnetic  note pads
Magnetic Note Pads Price: from $3 and up

cake knife set2
Cake Knife Server Set   Price: from $20  and Up at

Candle Pier 11
Pillar Candles  Price: $11 at  Pier 1 Imports

Bath Salts like this Lavender Salt with scoop.
Price $13.50 at Pier 1 Imports

know your husband  know your wife
Quiz books for fun. Available at for $5.95

Thank you Dish Towel. Price $12 and up at

Hostess Cupcake Printed Dishtowels   Price $11.00 for two.

Garden Bird Glass Coasters,  Price: $15  at Pier 1 Imports

An elegant alternative, Loxton Dealcoholized Wines  Price: $8.00 and up

Chips and Dips Platter  Price: $20 and up

Garden Apron Tool Set  for the gardener hostess.  Price: $25.00 to $50.00   at


Silicon wine glass drying mat   Price: $10.00  at

Quick bread

Home made gifts are always great.  found this recipe for Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Quick Bread mix on . This might be just the perfect gift  for a hostess that likes to bake.

Bath salts

Another DIY project.  I found  this homemade bath salts idea on Martha  What a marvellous idea!

kitchen accessories mit
Gift for Bakers

Which cook or baker would not love to get a gift like this?! I found this idea while browsing on Pinterest, which led me to this site. You can read more and in detail by clicking on Gift for Bakers.

Christmas Gift or Hostess Gift

First, wrap the bottle in a coloured tissue paper, then wrap printed cellophane around it. (You can play with different coloured paper and cellophane designs to suit your fancy). Tie with ribbon and place a tag and, Voilà! There you have a great looking hostess gift!

Have fun gifting!

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