March 21, 2015

Happy Spring-Happy Birthday!

I can hardly believe that most of this month is gone already. Seems just like a short while ago, we were in the mist of Holiday preparations… As much as I love the Holidays, (and I do love them) I’m most definitely tired of winter. It started early in fall and even though, we’ve been fortunate to have a warmer than usual February and March, in my part of the world, winter has his grip on us, still. I’m yearning for the warm sunshine, for the longer, warmer days, for the nature to come alive and see the flowers blooming... We’re ways yet but Spring is here, so there is hope.

Spring time is birthday time in my family, starting with my youngest grandson, who has just turned two. Truly amazed how fast the weeks and months have gone by! We celebrated his birthday in the family with his brother, his cousins and closest relatives. He is one cute little boy! (not that I’m bias or anything:) and his favourite things are “Thomas and friends” trains. His mom took the time (I wonder many times where she finds all that time, between work and family) to bring his love for trains to the birthday table.

I get inspired every time I see what she can do with few little inexpensive things to build her theme.


My daughter’s creativity and her flair for party decor.


I am always impressed with the little details that she adds to her table decor, and all the  small touches that are pure ingenious creativity. I just LOVE all her wonderful ideas! If you want to see more of what she does, check out her blog.


The kids enjoyed taking their pictures in the Thomas train photo op. What a great idea!


I like to bake, ( but of course, you knew that already), so for his birthday I decided to make a large Fruit Torte ( recipe can be found if you click on the name) and decorated it with one of his favourite trains. I have never made a train design on a cake before, and I had trouble finding ways to do it. I almost gave up, thinking, there is no way he is even going to recognize Tobi, (the train) anyway, but I managed to make one somehow. It didn't really came out the way I was hoping it would, (as I said, I had trouble with it) but when seeing the cake, my little pumpkin called out, Tooobiii !  It surely doesn’t take much to make a two year old happy!  What wouldn’t we do for our kids/grandkids!?


Hope you enjoyed my post today and found some inspiration to raise your creativity to new levels and never give up looking for new things, and do the ones you enjoy doing, and the things that make you happy.

Wish you all a Happy Spring time!


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