February 12, 2014

Sweet Valentines

Can hardly believe that Valentines day is just days away! Seems it was Christmas not too long ago. The days and weeks have gone by so fast, too fast, and with this cold weather we’ve been having, my mind gets frozen sometimes, just like everything else around me… I’m surprised, I did remember :-) so time to get out  the valentines decorations and do some planning for the occasion. 


Desserts and chocolates are so much part of valentines, and since the love of chocolate is in the air, nothing beats a rich, moist chocolate cake, like  Chocolate zucchini cake.

To make the mini chocolate heart cakes.
After baking the cake (as as per recipe) and allowed the cake to cool completely, I used  two different size heart shape cookie cutters to cut out and decorated the individual cakes. 


The perfect decadent valentines dessert; a heart shape,  moist and delicious chocolate zucchini cake. The berries (raspberries if you have) add beautiful, elegant color and sweet-tart berry flavour to contrast with the rich chocolate. 

One of my past time favourite desserts are the Brownie mini cakes.


The classical treat for valentines and for romancing that special someone;  Chocolate covered strawberries


Hope this dessert ideas inspired you for a wonderful and love filled valentines.


   Happy Valentines Day!
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