October 07, 2013

Thanksgiving/Fall Home Decor

Now that fall is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner I decided to bring some of the fall colours inside into my home décor.  


Warm reds, oranges and greens add a splash of colour to my otherwise boring mantle. Got to love fall!

One of the things I actually made (well, put together) was a fall arrangement for my front door.  With summer gone, my front door pot needed a new look, something that says “welcome".

Here it is.


To make the arrangement  I placed green foam inside the urn, (cutting the pieces to fit) leaving about one inch of space bellow the rim of the urn. Once done with the foam I started placing the flowers by sticking them in, starting with the tallest ones in the back and build my arrangement up from there by layering the flowers toward the front until I reached the desired look.  I covered the top with dried moss (to hide the foam) and place a few cones (from my evergreen in the yard) to cover some of the bare places on the sides.

I was having so much fun with my first arrangement that I just couldn't stop. I had more stuff left so I decided to make a smaller arrangement for my table.


Few of the same flowers plus some others arranged in ceramic vase.  Just the perfect size for my foyer table.


I placed  a smaller ceramic bowl filled with ornamental pumpkins in the centre of a small fall wreath to add some décor and interest  to my living room coffee table.


I used a similar bowl wrapped around with another wreath to hold some snacks.  Guests will surely appreciate having something to nibble on while visiting and waiting for dinner to be served.

IMG_5104  IMG_5094

The Dining Room gets a splash  of fall colour from a garland that I roped over my credenza sideboard. I placed a rustic candle* I made at one end of my garland.


For the mantle, a fall garland is mingled trough my already existing candle sticks and accessories. I also added a couple of ornamental pumpkins.

Okay, now that my house is decorated, time to think of décor for my Thanksgiving dinner table.

* To make the rustic candle, use a hot glue-gun to glue cinnamon sticks around the candle stick. When done tie the candle with a raffia or a ribbon if you like. To see another candle project go to 

Leia’s Culinary Treasures

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