April 29, 2013

Ladies's Tea

If you like tea and getting together with friends, you will love the idea of hosting a tea party.


I just have been to a wonderful tea party on Sunday. It is always a pleasure for me to attend the Ladies's Tea organized by our church. I’m always looking with anticipation for this special time of fellowship and sharing, seeing old friends,  making new ones or just enjoying a cup of tea and the wonderful refreshments…. The organizers always make us all feel special.

Table setting

One of the organizing ladies makes this event beautiful by always setting up the tables with her treasured collection of Royal Dalton tea cups and saucers.  How can you not feel special?!


The food was set up on two tables and consisted of a wonderful selection of finger foods; tea sandwiches, fruit platter, squares, chocolate fondue with strawberries, cupcakes and other desserts tastefully arranged on tiered serving platters.


Traditional desserts are petit fours or small cookies, but serving cupcakes or small squares in keeping with your theme, works well also.

A third table was set up with hot and cold drinks; different kinds of teas, hot water and juice. Something for everyone.

IMG_0623 IMG_0624

Are you thinking of hosting a tea party?

There are a wide array of occasions for a tea party;Bridal shower, Baby shower, Valentines, Christmas, Summer, Garden tea party, Welcoming a neighbour, Mother`s Day, Lady`s Tea Afternoon, or any other event that you choose to make into a tea party.

A successful event always starts with planning and making first a list with things that you need, its always a good start.
  • First, choose a theme and a location; outdoors or indoors.
Whether outdoors or indoors,  flowers arranged in glass vases or ceramic pots, and placed on tables covered with white linen table covers and light pastel colour fabric runners will provide a beautiful traditional setting.
  • If you have room, it is always nice to set up a table ( or tables) with tea cups and saucers where your guest can be seated. If space is limited, arrange tea sets at one end of the serving table.
Setting up your finger food and  desserts on layers and tiered serving platters make a wonderful display and gives easier access to food.
  • Set up a tray with several different types of tea, such as herbal and decaffeinated teas as well as traditional teas.  Include also a bowl with white sugar cubes, (or for those more health conscious other sweeteners like stevia or sucanat, or agave) honey, lemon, water and milk as an option for those who may opt for it. For summer time tea parties, consider serving iced tea in wine goblets and hot tea in fine tea cups.
Set up a small area with  plates, napkins and forks or place them on the table, by each sitting.
  • Set the tone for your tea party by taking time to choose the right music. Play soft uplifting music as it is important that you do not drown out the conversations of your guests.
  • For a nice touch and fun, include a draw; depending on the event and budget, purchase 2, 3 or more small gifts, something like sets of cups and saucers or  speciality teas.  Have each person write their name down on a piece of paper as they come in. Do the draws during the party while people are sitting and enjoying the refreshments.
Whatever the season, you can always find a reason to have a tea party. Why not  make your next get together with friends an afternoon tea?


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