June 24, 2012


I like to share with you one of my favourite places that I, (we as a family) like to go to eat to whenever I am in the area of one;  Ihop restaurant.

For those of you that don't know,  IHOP, formerly known as The International House of Pancakes, is a United States-based restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods. It is owned by DineEquity, with 99% of the restaurants run by independent franchisees. While IHOP's focus is on breakfast foods such as pancakes, French toast and omelettes, it also offers a menu of lunch and dinner items.

The chain has more than 1,500 restaurants in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and the U.S, Virgin Islands.*


We went out for breakfast one morning while down in southern California. The food was amazing. Everything we ordered was delicious. My personal choices; the veggie omelette and the cheese filled, blueberry sauce topped crepes. They are a crepe lover’s dream.


The portions are really large, so we always like to share.


For strawberry lovers, there is the cheese filled crepes, topped with strawberry sauce.


Great vegetarian item is the Garden Omelette with mushrooms, green peppers, onions and cheese, served with diced tomatoes.

Another great vegetarian breakfast item is the Spinach Omelette.


Me and hubby enjoying breakfast at Ihop. A great way to start your day!

I'm looking forward to my next trip to an Ihop :) (unfortunately, we don't have one in our area).

No matter were you are, which Ihop you go to, the food is always prepared the same way and you get the same service. That is great. I know what to expect and I like that!

To learn more or to check out their menu visit  IHOP.


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