May 08, 2012

Feather Points Napkin

Want to impress your guests, next time you entertain?  Add a nice and elegant touch to your table by using feather point folds on your napkins, then, them one in each glass.


Before creating the feather points, it is best to first prepare the napkin by making folds in the napkin.

First place napkin face up; fold napkin in half to make a rectangle; press; unfold. Fold the opposite way; press; unfold. Now flip the napkin so it will be face down. Fold it in half diagonally; press; unfold. Repeat on the opposite diagonal; press.

1. Now that you have all the creases made, place the napkin face down and fold it in half diagonally.

2. Bring the center point  to the left,  folding it, place it a bit to the left of the existing corner, as shown, to make a feather point.

3. Now take the next corner and fold it to the left again…

….place it again, a bit to the left to the first two feather folds.

4. Now hold the folded napkin in the center, securing the folds, carefully flip the napkin over.
5. Holding the remaining the corner,  bring it to the right, folding it over the first three folds.

6.  Turn the napkin over. Fold the bottom point under, and place the napkin upright in a glass.



TIP: It is also a good idea to try the folds on a paper napkin first as it is  easier  to make the folds on paper than on fabric. 


Have Fun!!

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