April 04, 2012

Crown Napkins

Do you like to entertain ? Then you might enjoy making this napkin folds for your special occasion or your next dinner party.

I like pretty, elegant things, but I don't always have the time to spend achieving them, so I was very happy when I found an  easy way to add  a touch of elegance to my dinner table, by simply using folds on my dinner napkins. It's trully easy! Follow the step-by-step instructions bellow on how to make this folds. I hope you find them helpful :-)

fancy fold

1. Start with a square napkin and fold it in two diagonally into a triangle.

2. Fold the  two sides  upwards…

…..and place them about 1 inch away from the high point.IMG_1389

3. Fold top of the two folds you just made, about 1/3  down. IMG_1390


4. Now take the top peak and fold it down twice. IMG_1392

5. Make on more fold over the bottom of the two little side folds. This is
 going to be the bottom part of the napkin.

6. Flip napkin over carefully.IMG_1394

7. Fold the two ends back one third, tucking one end into the other end, sorry
my napkin looks a bit lopsided, but you get the picture... :-)

8. Flip napkin over. Arrange the two sides if needed and place it over your plate.

My napkin  was a bit too soft for this fold, but I hope you got the idea. Works best with a heavier fabric, like a damask. It is easier to stand it up and you can also fold downwards the two sides...
Well, have fun!


Happy Entertaining!

Leia’s Culinary Treasures

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