June 13, 2011

Turkey and Cheese Melt

Served alone or with soup or salad, this warm and toasty grilled sandwich makes a great lunch.

2 slices of bread like Ciabatta or Panini
1-2 tbsp butter or margarine
2-3 slices of roasted or smoked turkey breast, sliced (or more, if you like)
3-4 slices of Jarlsberg or Provolone cheese

Spread bread slices on both sides  with butter or margarine.   

Place sliced turkey breasts on each bread slice,  then top with cheese slices.

Bring the two bread slices together and place sandwich in a frying pan.

Cover pan with a lid and grill, on low heat until golden brown,  carefully not to burn, then turn over to the other side.

Remove sandwich to a place, cut diagonally in two and serve.

Makes: 1 Sandwich 

TIP: For variation, use roast beef in place of turkey and add some sliced pickles. Yummy!!

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