April 26, 2011

Easter Dinner at Home

I love to entertain but sometimes I can get carried away by everything that goes on around me and with business of life....well, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about and been there...There is never enough time to do all the things that I want to do without sacrificing my sleeping time. Not such a good thing since having at least seven hours of sleep a night, is needed  for good health. Believe me, I experienced the luck of sleep first hand, but that is another subject, for another time.

Getting back to my subject at hand...Easter is one of those times when I do like to entertain and this time, was no different.  Easter dinner with friends at our home turned out to be absolutely wonderful!!  I have to say that I could have not done it without my dear husband's help.  He helped me enormously! One of the things he did was to set the table and he did a wonderful job!

My daughter - who is an  amazingly creative lady - showed me  this flower decorations that she did. Click on the link, to see more.  http://thepreacherswifepapercrafts.blogspot.com/  

I didn't have a lot of time but I made one for each place setting to add a touch of spring colors to my table.
You can make them look more as butterflies or as flowers, whatever suits your fancy.

You can also tie them with a ribbon on the napkin, I just ran out of time so just placed them on the napkin. It actually worked quite well, holding the folded napkin in place.

I sat out the appetizers just before everyone came to sit down. Our friends all brought something to contribute to the meal. It was great and,  I didn't have to do it all.

Well, I got so carried away with making sure everything gets on the table and no food remains forgotten in the oven ( it happened before, if you can believe it..) that I never took a picture of the rest of the food, besides appetizers, that  I served during the rest of the dinner...

As Main Course, we had Braised Lamb, and as second choice,  Goose Paprika. Side dishes,  we had  Mashed Potatoes, Mushrooms Sauteed, and Mix-veggies Rice pilaf.

For Salad we had Greek Salad.

and for dessert....
Cake "Regina Maria" which translated from Romanian, means Queen Maria.


  1. Wow, I definitely love your blog, very creative and professional, keep up with the good work. I will for sure use most of your delicious recipes Loredana

  2. Loredana, I just saw your post...Thank you for your compliments! Have fun trying out the recipes...Enjoy! and let me know how they turn out. Write to me if you have any questions.


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